Warehouse Entrepeneur Needed (Employment Opportunity)

Taking a year off of college before deciding what to do with your life?  While you're thinking about it, I can teach you about being an entrepreneur.

I need an intelligent, organized and detail oriented person with strong computer skills to work with me at my warehouse.  Duties are incredibly varied; most of them are warehouse and e-commerce oriented: packing boxes, managing inventory, shipping orders, using a computer to keep track of the various websites where orders are generated.

You need minimal specific experience, however you must be highly self-directed and able to work with minimal supervision on both simple repetitive tasks as well as more advanced PC-based projects.

Daily Tasks include:

1)  Build and ship orders ranging from 1 oz to 70 lbs; this includes comparing and choosing the best shipping method, packing packages safely, and copying tracking information to the customer.(2-3 hours)

2)  Pack and ship boxes to send in bulk to retailers.This includes building kits made of individual product components, packaging them, applying appropriate bar codes and labels, and boxing them for shipment.(3-4 hours)

These two tasks are the main focuses of and will take up the bulk of your time.

Other Tasks

I am willing to work with high-potential employees on how the rest of their day looks.  Want to be in social media?  You can be responsible for our blog, websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and in making videos demonstrating products and answering customer questions.  Want to make more money?  Contact businesses who need our products and earn a hefty commission for sales. Think our websites look crappy?  Redesign and upgrade them if you can.

Being an entrepreneur means I have a million things that need doing and not nearly enough hours in the day to do even half of them.  I haven't had a vacation in the 4 years I've run my business.  I am looking for someone who eventually can be trusted with the entire day-to-day operation of the company so I can focus on sales, marketing and building our brand.


Friendly, outgoing boss willing to teach at length about being an entrepreneur and running an e-commerce web business to the point you will be able to create one yourself if you have the motivation.

Once you learn the job and demonstrate thorough competence, I will be the most non-micromanaging boss you've ever had.

Incentive pay for low error rate, commissions for direct sales and residuals for new product lines brought in by employee.

Free Blizzard at least once a month.


Low base pay ($10-11/hr to start), but high potential if you choose to sell.

Warehouse is very hot in the summer as there is no air conditioning.

High expectations:  this is my livelihood.  While errors are inevitable and to be expected, each one impacts the overall life of the business. This is not a McJob, and a low error rate is essential.  

I don't answer questions that can be easily found on Google.  I expect employees to be able to find the answers to most questions themselves. (Teach a man to fish and all that...)

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