10"x16"x4" 5 Mil 1-Gallon Gusseted Ziplock Mylar Bag - Case of 500

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This item is part of the ShieldPro 1-Gallon Specialty line.  It includes a 4" gusset at the bottom of the bag as well as a zip seal at the top of the bag, allowing it to stand up for easy filling of long term storage food.  It is made of the trademarked ShieldPro 5 Mil Extreme material for the best moisture, oxygen and light protection for your food.  A 1-Gallon bag will hold around 5-7 pounds of dry goods.  Most customers can use a standard household clothes iron (on about the wool setting) to seal ShieldPro bags, but folks storing large quantities of food may want to look at our KF-150CST heat sealer for the absolute easiest method of sealing.

There is 1" of space above the Zip Seal to allow heat sealing above the Zip, so that when the bag is opened, it still has some available protection from the Zip Seal.

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