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5 Ways the New Can Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Tobias on 8th May 2014

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by the new and Mylar Musings, our blog dedicated to the prep store owner. That includes brick and mortar stores, online stores, and those selling products on the preparedness expo circuit. We are here to serve you and make the process of selling food storage supplies as easy as possible, offering you awesome pricing, plus providing you with any information you need. is our answer to the 800-pound gorilla (many times they actually act like a gorilla) of the Mylar Bag world…you know who I mean. They stock a lot of SKU’s, but their website makes ordering difficult, you have to call for a shipping quote and hope it doesn’t change between when the customer service person gives it to you and the shipping department sending it out. Plus, the horror stories of after-sale service (or lack thereof) are numerous and frustrating. (I would know, because they were my first supplier.)

I always thought we could do better. With better support. Better service. Clearer pricing. And so here we are, with 5 ways the new will make your life as a preparedness supply retailer easier.

1) Crystal clear pricing, including shipping – Our case-price is showing right now on our website. And that price includes shipping cost to the continental US. It doesn’t get much more transparent than that! Plus, we check competitor’s prices often, so our prices will almost always be the lowest shipped price available.

2) Quality Products – We are carrying the new trademarked ShieldPro brand Mylar Bags. These bags are freaking awesome, and were designed specifically for use in long term food storage! They are 5-7 layer FDA approved Mylar Bags in the most popular sizes, as well as some specialty bags not available anywhere else. Also, we are licensed distributors for OxyFree, the best and most over-weighted oxygen absorbers in the world.

3) Unique features – We offer services no other provider does. This includes free drop shipping, a 10% affiliate program, and kitting to your specifications. Also, if you need something we don’t carry, we have sources both nationally (quickest) and internationally (cheapest) to get you what you need.

4) Same day shipping – 99% of orders placed before 3pm (CST) ship same day.

5) Retail advice – My background before starting an online business was working for one of the largest discount retailers in the world (Dollar General). I understand and can offer advice on pricing, selling online, handling returns, customer service, and other questions you may have about either our products or merchandising them.

My goal is to have a new post up once a week at Mylar Musings. Some will be on specials, others on the most common questions you may get about our products. Others may be random thoughts or anecdotes from my time in the trenches. If there is something you’d like to see written about, give us a shout at

Thanks and good selling!